Apple Is Improving Your Pet’s Instagram Game


Tell Fluffy to strike a pose.

We all have to agree that one of the most adorable parts of the internet is the multitude of photos people take of their pets. However, cute cat photos are about to get even more adorable (hard to imagine right?) Apple is revolutionizing pet photos with their new portrait mode that is able to recognize pet faces in six different photo settings. So now you can get creative when capturing your pets adorable face.

This was made possible for the iPhone X and iPhone Xs. The newest iPhone model will include six different portrait mode settings and a three perspective camera.


While the new iPhone’s triple camera lens may seem like an extensive design, it will allow users to give a variety of different views for a single photo, thus enhancing photo quality.

The new iPhone 11 will include many other enticing features such as six new colors, as well more storage space options.


We may be excited about the new iPhone’s design, but the possibility of even more pet photos on the timeline is certainly the main attraction.