Why Ariana Grande Is Suing Forever 21


Forever 21 has run into a bit of trouble over their Grande inspired campaign.

The pop star sued well-known clothing brand Forever 21 for 10 million dollars due to their use of multiple images and videos misappropriating Grande’s name, image, likeness, and music. This was done in order to insinuate her endorsement of the collection. The advertisement mirrors elements seen in Grande’s video for the song including the pink-tinged setting and a model that looks like Grande in the forefront.


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Forever 21 asked Grande to join their campaign earlier this year, but the singer refused the deal due to the company not wanting to pay her an amount she was satisfied with.

The lawsuit includes images posted to Forever 21’s social media accounts and the photos of the model look-alike wearing the trademark Grande ponytail. The captions hint heavily to the artist’s song lyrics as well and strongly suggest to potential buyers that Grande has had a hand in the collection.

The company has taken these photos down since then.