Lil Nas X Releases a Futuristic Video


The future is here, and it’s full of stalker holograms.

Lil Nas X has dropped a new music video for his popular song “Panini”. The song is a distinct departure from the country songs he has produced in the past, showing the singer’s range.


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The music video contains elements of his live performance of the single at the Video Music Awards. It shows a futuristic world, where the singer’s hologram is everywhere you turn. In this society, former Jesse star, Skai Jackson is running from the hologram (Nas) as he sings.

The video’s meaning is unexplained for the moment, but we do know what the song is about.
Nas has already revealed the lyrics reference fans who act like the character Panini on the cartoon show Chowder.

Perhaps Jackson is representing the fan base Nas is trying to win back. The video has reached #1 on the Youtube trending page and it seems that Lil Nas X can do no wrong.