Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Video

Freddie Mercury Solo/Youtube

Yesterday marked Freddie Mercury’s, the late lead singer of Queen, 73rd birthday.

In honor of Freddie’s birthday, the Freddie Mercury official twitter released an animated music video to Freddie’s song “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow”. In memory of Freddie, the video was released for fans to donate to The Mercury Pheonix Trust, which is an HIV/AIDS organization. The organizations have been around since 1992– a year after his battle from aids complications. Queen members  Brian May and Roger Taylor have spent their time giving proceeds and many donations to aids organizations in honor of their late band member. The members started the Mecury Phenoix Trust and organized a tribute for Freddie for AIDS Awareness the same year the organization founded.

The animated “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow,” highlights the way HIV/AIDS affects the body’s immune system. The video portrays this through two white blood cells which are males, and they are both in love. One of the white blood cells has the disease, and the other doesn’t. Throughout the music video, it depicts their loving relationship and the problematic effects AIDS has upon it.

Despite one of the white blood cell characters having the disease, he continues to live his life and loving his partner until they get old. The music video is very similar to Freddie Mercury’s life and his relationship with his partner Jim Hutton. Freddie kept his diagnoses from Aids hidden for a long time and continued to perform and sing. Songs such as “The Show Must Go On” and “These are the days of our lives” from Queen’s last album Innuendo reflected Freddie Mercury’s determination and passion for music and to keep his life lasting like there’s no tomorrow.

During his life and even afterwards, Freddie Mercury has always been more than a rock star, he is a living legend.