Fenty Beauty Expands Internationally


Rihanna takes the next step with Fenty Beauty as she expands to Hong Kong and Seoul.

Fans have gone crazy begging Rihanna to come back to the music industry after years of focusing on her clothing and makeup lines. Yet no matter how much time she takes away from music, she makes up for it with her new ventures.

With hopes of being able to make people of all skin colors and skin conditions feel included, Rihanna created Fenty Beauty. “I created Fenty Beauty because I wanted to make a beauty brand that is inclusive for people everywhere,” she says. The brand started out with forty foundation shades and has now expanded to fifty.

Just a few days ago, Rihanna announced that Fenty Beauty will now be available in Hong Kong and Seoul. DFS will be one of the first retailers to introduce Fenty Beauty in Hong Kong.

She shares her excitement for this release with her followers on Instagram:

We love Rihanna and all of her talents, and we can’t wait to see where this new venture takes her.