Sasha Obama Will Attend the University of Michigan This Fall


America’s little sister is headed off to college.

Natasha Obama, also known as Sasha, is growing up right before our eyes. It has been eleven years since Barack Obama was first elected President in 2008. The Obamas had a way of making everyone feel like family and little Sasha, who was only 7 years old at the time, became America’s little sister. Now she’s all grown up and headed off to college. Washington D.C. was Sasha’s home for more than a decade but that chapter of her life is over. She’s now embarking on a new journey into young adulthood and we can’t wait to cheer her on along the way.

There was speculation that Sasha may attend The University of Michigan when she was first seen on campus for Summer freshmen orientation. Former President Barack Obama’s younger daughter was spotted again recently for move-in day, a week before classes start. Students at the University of Michigan noticed Sasha accompanied by men who are said to be Secret Service agents and quickly expressed their excitement regarding their new classmates’ arrival.

College can be very intimidating, especially moving away from your family, friends, and home. So, here are some tips we have for our forever little sister and our readers who are headed to college this Fall.

  1. Try your best to attend every class. We know events and parties that occur during those hours can be a bit distracting but stay focused. There will be plenty of events and parties to attend that won’t get in the way of your attendance.
  2. Join organizations and get involved as much as possible. This works as an aid to help you figure out your possible career choice and it’s a great way to meet friends who share the same interests as you.
  3. If you’re struggling with a class, a roommate, or the changes of adulthood, reach out to those you’re comfortable speaking with. Most college campuses offer counseling services so don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  4. Have fun, embrace this new journey and enjoy it to the fullest extent.

We wish you all a productive and prosperous school year.