Congratulations to Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey


The lovely couple announced they’re having a baby girl.

Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey announced they were dating around this time last year and are now gearing up for the ultimate blessing, a baby girl. The R&B singer quickly rose to fame back in 2015 with his album, T R A P S O U L. Although he was featured in 2017’s song of the Summer, “Wild Thoughts”, with Rihanna and Dj Khalid. The young star didn’t release any new music for years aside from his True to Self project. Once Tiller made his relationship with Kendra Bailey official, fans joked that they’ll never get new music from the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer. Tiller is madly in love and it’s written all over his face.

Tiller and Bailey hosted, what looks like, a baby shower with close family. The young model made an official announcement of her pregnancy with a touching post on Instagram.

Tiller has an adorable six-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and any fan of Tiller knows how wonderful a father he is.


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she’ll always be my baby 💞

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Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

Fans can’t help but wonder, will we ever get a new album? It’s coming in due time. While we wait, his latest single “Blame” will be on repeat. You can listen here: