Celebrities Participate in Viral DMX Challenge


The internet has done it again with another viral video challenge.

This time the #DMXchallenge has the spotlight, and it has become so popular that even celebrities are participating. The challenge is based on a DMX song that was released in 1999. In the song, the “Ruff Ryder” rapper names forty-four women who had completely different personalities but the same intentions. The challenge consists of posting a short clip of videos and/or photos with your forty-four different hairstyles or personalities. Hair is a very important attribute to a lot of women and everyone knows a new hairstyle has the ability to reflect an entirely new persona.

As women, we love a fresh start and that typically begins with our hair and trickles down to our wardrobe. Different styles of hair signify a character or theme that brings your entire appearance to life. A brand new hairstyle can have you feeling like a brand new woman. That’s exactly what this viral new challenge brings to light, how powerful and versatile we all are as strong women.

Watch these divas absolutely slay the viral #DMXchallenge.

Jada Pinkett-Smith:


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I wanna play tooooo😜 #DMXchallenge

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Halle Berry:


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Had to do it to ‘em. 😂 #DMXChallenge

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Nicki Minaj:


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Fuck marry kill #dmxchallenge part 2 –

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Yvette Nicole Brown:


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I’ve been challenged. Complete the challenge, I must. Here ya go! #DMXchallenge ❤️

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Kerry Washington:


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Starting the weekend off with the #DMXchallenge

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It’s unclear who originally started the challenge but it’s an important reminder of how powerful and impactful we can be with today’s technology… and how it’s absolutely fabulous to switch things up sometimes. Join in the fun and show off your versatility with the #DMXchallenge.