VSCO Girls Are Taking over Social Media

VSCO App Screens

VSCO girls are the new trendsetters; their colorful scrunchies and hydro flasks have created an aesthetic that many aspire to achieve.

What is VSCO?

VSCO is a photography app for mobile devices. It allows users to take photos, apply filters, and edit photos. The app has been around since 2011, and recently has gained more attention due to the VSCO girl trend.

What is a VSCO girl?

VSCO girls have an aesthetic that evokes an energetic, ecofriendly, and effortless vibe. The accessories that all VSCO girls have include; reusable metal straws, puka shell necklaces, Crocs/Birkenstocks, and decorated hydro flasks. The style is determinedly more laid back than the Tumblr girl style (which focused on a more sophisticated look) and the Instagram baddie trend (which requires some makeup skill). At its core, it is about maintaining a casual appearance, so anyone can be a VSCO girl if they want to be.


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The look emphasizes effortless beauty and promotes the idea that natural beauty is #goals. YouTubers have made videos teaching their viewers how to become a VSCO girl. There have been many uses of the hashtag VSCO girl on Instagram, so whether you think the look is something to aspire to or a little basic, it has gained the attention of many.