Rihanna Slides Into Lizzo’s DM’s After VMA’s


Lizzo Performed her hit single ‘Truth Hurts’ at the VMA’s Monday night and Rihanna took to a more personal approach to let her know how much she loved it. 

The media can’t stop raving about the two communicating with one another and neither can Lizzo. The icon slid into Lizzo’s DM’s after her performance to let her know how much she loved it. Rihanna left Lizzo hilariously laughing from her comment regarding how Lizzo took the stage as if she owned it, but phrasing it in a way that had Lizzo laughing hysterically.

Rihanna raves over what an incredible talent Lizzo is and Lizzo would love to see another Rihanna video but understands how busy the artists’ life can be.

The two are unapologetically themselves and that’s what we admire about them.