Sarah Hyland to Produce and Star in a New Show


Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has just announced that she will be executive producing and starring a new show.

The show has been accepted by ABC and is set to start filming after Hyland finishes wrapping the last season of Modern Family. Any rumors of Hyland being in a Haley Dunphy spin-off show have now been put to rest, especially because this new show looks amazing.

The show is currently nameless but is being dubbed The Untitled Sarah Hyland + Emily Gordon Project. That’s right, Emily Gordon is part of the news too. If you are unfamiliar with her, she is best known for writing The Big Sick, a film based on Gordan’s experience with health difficulties, near-death experience, as well her marriage to Kumail Nanjiani. Hyland has experience with health problems as well, recently opening up about her difficulties with kidney dysplasia. She has gone through multiple kidney transplants, both from family members.  Hyland and Gordon’s new show will likely follow a similar tone, as it will be inspired by the duo’s real lives.

Joining Hyland and Gordon are This Is Us producers, Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker. While we are always ready to watch a tear-jerking This Is Us type drama starring Sarah Hyland, the upcoming show is said to be a comedy.

We are excited to learn more details about the show and to, eventually, binge-watch it as fast as we can. Our only question remaining, will Hyland’s fiancé, Wells, make a cameo appearance in the show? We can only hope.