Harry Styles Talks About Being a Star in ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview

CBS Broadcasting

Harry Styles’ cover story for the September issue of Rolling Stone Magazine has been released.

Written by Rob Sheffield, the interview delves into Harry’s recent life verses how much he’s developed from his rise to stardom with One Direction, aged 16 to now, aged 25, focusing on solo music and learning more about his inner self.

Being a pop superstar, Styles is used to maintaining an air of mystery, especially when it comes to the public eye. In the interview, he goes into detail about how he has begun to take up meditation, which is helping him to loosen up and be more comfortable being emotionally vulnerable. Although he specifically intends to keep this vulnerability within his circle of friends, and of course, his music; he has no intention of posting any frivolous life details on Twitter or gushing about ex-girlfriends and heartbreak in interviews.

Styles wants all of his fans, and everyone around him, to feel safe and comfortable. He is self-aware of the fact that he is more privileged than a lot of people, but he still tries to understand the situations of others, and wants everyone to know that he loves and supports them regardless. He touches on the topics of sexuality, feminism, and the toughness expected of men by society.

During the interview, Styles also talks about his upcoming album, which is almost complete. He introduces the musicians who are writing with him and tells stories about traveling and dabbling in psychedelics during the music-creation process. The album has yet to have a title or release date, but you can expect some new music soon.

You can read more about Styles’ experimental adventures in life and music in his newest Rolling Stone interview, which can be found here.