5 Reasons to Love Zendaya in ‘Euphoria’


Known for her role in the Disney Channel hit, Shake it up, Zendaya has gone from a child star to a well- known actress seen in various films to taking over in her latest series Euphoria

Zendaya killed it in the recent show on HBO, Euphoria. While we may not know when the next season will truly air, we can continue to reminisce on why we love her and the show so much.

For starters, her character represents realistic experiences and the way teens may find their hardships navigating through life today. Dealing with childhood trauma and the heartbreaks is exactly why the show entails such a hard-hitting narrative.

Second, her character portrays a real-life experience that the director of the show physically and mentally went through in his own life. That makes the show so much more personal.

Third, she really transformed into the character she plays on the show. She wanted to relate to the director and his emotions he had to go through in his life. In order to do that, we see Zendaya really try to portray the suffering.

Fourth reason being, she can break your heart with a glance. She carries all of her emotions on her face throughout the show. She really expresses what she is feeling without having to say much of anything to the audience.

Lastly, her character isn’t built to glamorize drug abuse, but rather to show teach and show what not to do.