Netflix Drops New ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ Season


The controversial Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why has returned with its third season to unravel the mystery of Hannah Baker and the story behind her last words. 

SPOILER ALERT: We are not finished with Hannah Baker. The show revolves around pinpointing the mystery of her sudden death and uncovering everything there is to know about Hannah. By doing so, the show gets personal with many of the characters while portraying the role they each played in Hannah and each other’s lives.

The third season just hit Netflix on Aug. 23. It is about a new, unsolved story of another character losing their life.


Fans will have to keep a close eye on the show to see if they can figure out the culprit by the clues that may be dropped throughout.


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Me after staying up all night binging season 3.

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We hear the voice of a new narrator in the trailer for the third season. Wondering who the new character is perhaps? Only time will tell. Watch the show and find out.