LaurDIY Releases New Billie Eilish Cover


With almost 10 million subscribers, LaurDIY as she’s known, is capturing the attention of her following.

Lauren first captivated them in 2012, when she started her video blog; focusing mostly on fashion and beauty related content. 7 years later, she’s now a YouTube sensation that has a global fan following.

Lauren Riihimaki is now 26 years old and continues to surprise with new talents, one of which is her ability to sing and play the piano. She was boo’d up by YouTuber Chris Burriss; however, they civilly ended their relationship and posted a video to update subscribers on their separation.

Since the breakup, LaurDY has actively pursued her self discovery and explored her musical career. This queen just released the most BEAUTIFUL cover of Billie Eilish’s “Idontwanttobeyouanymore” where she is playing the piano. After only being released for a month, it has over 50,000 likes on YouTube.

This cover also features Cimorelli, a singing group composed of six sisters that are from El Dorado Hills, California.

See what LaurDIY had to say about the collaboration:

Lauren and the Cimorelli sisters have continued to collab and did another flawless Billie cover.

Both of their followings are eager to see where this new combination will lead. We know we can’t wait.