The Amazon Rainforest Fires Have Been Devastating: Here’s How You Can Help


In case you haven’t heard, the AmazonRain forest has been on fire for three weeks, and burning at a record rate.

The smoke from the Amazon Rainforest fire can be seen from space. The city of San Paolo, Brazil, almost 1,700 miles away from the fires, has been experiencing black skies on Monday due to the ash and smoke that traveled from the Amazon. Environmental minister, Ricardo Salles, claimed the fires were caused by temperature, however, many meteorologists and environmentalists are debunking that statement, by saying the fire was caused by humans. Apparently, 99% of the fires are caused by cattle ranchers clearing out land. The fires are still burning today, but reports of light rain and thunderstorms are bringing hope for relief.

The Amazon Rain forest is vital for providing oxygen for people as well as slowing down climate change. The “world’s lungs”, as it as been called, is in desperate need of saving. Many people are taking to social media to spread awareness using #prayforamazonia on posts.

While spreading the word is very important, there are more ways that you can help. There are many organizations dedicated to saving the Amazon Rainforest that need your help now more than ever.

World Wildlife Fund is accepting donations that will be specifically allocated to the fire. They state that your donations will help identify the areas that are most affected by the fire, support community resources and provide emergency relief, raise awareness, and advocate for Brazilian laws that will save the rainforest. They also encourage you to sign a petition that will request governments around the world to put the Amazon emergency at the top of their priorities as well as implement laws that will stop the importation of goods that cause deforestation.

Amazon Watch is an organization that is dedicated not only to protecting the rainforest, but also providing efforts to raise awareness of climate change and defend indigenous rights. A donation to this organization will go to preserving the rainforest, and helping those who have been affected by the fires.

In addition to donations, you can also help the rainforest by reducing your meat intake, as well as begin using less paper and wood (you can check to make sure your products are rainforest-safe at the Rainforest Alliance). Meat products, paper, and wood are often sourced from the Amazon Rainforest and contribute to its destruction.

It is very common to feel hopeless and heartbroken when disasters like this happen. But we encourage you to use this to help you fight back against the sources of destruction. By donating to a rainforest fund or reducing your intake of products sources from the Amazon, you can help and make a difference in the future of this world.