Taylor Swift Helped a Fan Pay for Her Tuition


After posting about her struggles to afford college, Ayesha, checked her email to find that Taylor Swift had gifted her $6,389.47 CAD. Her reaction was adorable.

Ayesha, a diehard fan of Taylor Swift had been blogging on her Tumblr and Instagram about Taylor for years. Taylor even supposedly recognized her at a concert on her The Taylor Swift Experience Tour, for “that funny Tumblr blogger”.

Then, after posting about her financial hardships in college, Ayesha received an email relaying that a large sum of money has been sent to her from none of than Taylor Swift, herself.

Ayesha continued to post her reaction to Taylor’s kind gift.

All of this good fortune is in the wake of Taylor’s new release, Lover, coming August 23, 2019. Many fans, including Ayesha, are excited.