Pretty Vee and B.Simone Announce Millennial Queens of Comedy Tour


Our favorite millennial besties are going on tour together this fall.

Pretty Vee and B.Simone are known all over social media for their hilarious antics and comedy skits. You may also recognize these ladies from a number of hit television shows such as Nick Cannons: Wild N Out, Lil Kim’s Girl Cruise and Hip-Hop Squares. These social media Queens have been booked and busy. Whether Pretty Vee has you doing the V-bounce everywhere you go or B.Simone has you obsessed with using the B.Simone tone, these ladies have unique personalities that make their friendship so enjoyable to witness through our screens. Now, we get the chance to witness it in person with their Millennial Queens of Comedy Tour.

B. Simone gave us a peek of what to expect on tour with the official dates listed in her Instagram post.

These women are hilarious and we can’t wait to witness their energy in person. Grab your bestie and enjoy some laughs with the millennial queens of comedy.