Saweetie Announces ‘My Type’ Pop-Up Class in LA


Calling all Icy girls and boys, do you think you have what it takes to be one of Saweetie’s backup dancers?

Saweetie released her hit single “My Type” this Summer with a catchy beat and fun lyrics. The hit single had her fans feeling ever so icy. She even used her platform to shine a light on all her fans’ creative energy with a #mytypechallenge that quickly trended all over social media.

She’s now looking for potential talent to enroll in her Icy University. An inclusive group of talented people who has some serious moves on the dance floor. Kendra Jae will be hosting the My Type Pop-up class in LA at THE ELEVEN Studios where Saweetie will be making a special guest appearance. The class will take place on Friday, 8/16 from 7-9p.m.

Saweetie shared her excitement with a recent Instagram post.

If dance is your passion and “My Type” is your jam then why not take a chance on potentially becoming one of Saweeties new Icy dancers. Throw on your flyest workout clothes, show her your best dance moves, and (most importantly) have fun.