Mike Posner Has Been Hospitalized During His Walk Across America


Mike Posner, a Grammy-nominated artist has taken the challenge to walk across America. When he enters a new state Mike releases a new song. He has walked 1800 miles out of 2833 so far. He started in Asbury Park, New Jersey but his journey from the Atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean has come to a halt because he was bitten by a baby rattlesnake in Colorado.

Still having a little over 1,000 miles left to go, Mike, was rushed to the hospital and given the anti-venom before it was too late. He tweeted himself being rolled into the hospital on a gurney and wrote, “Whatup doe!!! Crazy day yesterday! I had just crushed 16 miles and was going for 8 more when I got bit by a baby rattlesnake! That venom is no joke! I got to the hospital and got the anti-venom in time.”

Even though he is in pain from the snake bite he is remaining positive and he is going to rest and get better so he can finish his journey across the country. He tweeted another video of him walking across his room with a walker. In this tweet, he wrote, “From 24 miles per day to using this walker to get to the bathroom. I’m on my way back. Gonna rebuild with patience and equanimity.”

We love that he is staying positive through this scary time. He is doing something that he set his mind too and he is proud that he did not give up. Even after this, he has decided to go back out there and finish his walk across America. Mike posted a video on Instagram of himself and captioned it, “I knew walking across America was going to be dangerous. I knew I could die doing it. I still might. So don’t feel sorry for me. I’m proud I’m in this hospital after chasing my dream and not sitting on the couch watching Netflix. I’m proud of this pain.” He is doing something that he is proud of and that is all that matters. Do not forget to do what you love and live life to the fullest.