The Cosmic Genius of Raveena Aurora’s Fashion Sense


Raveena Aurora’s creative genius extends way past her musical talent. She’s beautiful, she’s cute, she’s bold. Despite how down-to-earth Raveena is when you read her writing or listen to her sing, she’s definitely vibing on another level. Here are some of the times she knocked the fashion game out of the ballpark and into the cosmos:

In a moment of feeling songwriters-block, she hand-designed the coolest mushroom and put it on a hoodie. And you can actually buy one for yourself, too.

Raveena is pretty much the queen of bindis, body jewelry, and all things beautiful and retro.


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 Except for the rare photo of herself chilling out in a sweatshirt or something, she seems to walk the earth as a cross between an Indian goddess, a flower child, and what she has described as a “fifth dimensional alien” or “sci-fi princess.”


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this is really one of my favorite looks of all time (:

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Whether it’s fabric textures or color combinations, Raveena always manages to look stunning.

 Raveena’s music is her own genre, part R&B and partly inspired by South Asian diaspora. So it actually makes sense that she’s literally the embodiment of the surrealistically entrancing songs that she creates. It’s kind of magical. And if you haven’t heard her sing yet—you are definitely in for a treat.