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MOOD Magazine/Edwin J. Ortega


You may remember the band R5, a pop-rock quintet whose popularity soared after frontman Ross Lynch scored the starring role on the Disney Channel show “Austin and Ally.”

Now, Ross and his brother Rocky Lynch, also from R5, have begun their post-Disney era of music making with their new project known as The Driver Era. After a succession of single releases, TDE went on their first national tour this last spring to support their debut album X, which was released on June 13.

Since then, Ross and Rocky have been featured in multiple interviews and magazines, including embellishing the covers of Alternative Press and MOOD Magazine.

On Aug. 2 The Driver Era posted a photo of the duo on Twitter with a link to a YouTube video showcasing an acoustic recording of a couple of TDE songs.

After enough suspense was created after the first post implying new music, The Driver Era tweeted again on Aug. 9, posting a photo of Rocky from their MOOD Magazine cover shoot with a caption announcing the release of new music, although no track titles or dates have been announced yet.

With the implication of impending new music, being added to new alternative music playlists on both Pandora and Spotify, cover stories in MOOD and Alternative Press Magazines, and their most recent interview with EUPHORIA. Magazine, the alternative duo obviously has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.