Lana Del Rey Releases a Powerful Song in Response to the Mass Shootings in America

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

There have been multiple mass shootings occurring in America recently and Lana Del Rey expresses concern about the violence in her latest single, “Looking For America”.

American singer and songwriter, Lana Del Rey, released a powerful and thought-provoking song to help put an end to the mass shootings taking place in America. The most recent shootings happened in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, and at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California. In these three shootings alone, 34 Americans have tragically lost their lives at the hands of dangerous gunmen. There is no sufficient reason as to why the gunmen wanted to harm several innocent people, other than extreme hate and a desire to explore violent tendencies. Lana Del Rey released “Looking For America” on August 9th as a way to raise awareness about the current violence in America, as well as donating all of the proceeds from this song to the Gilroy Garlic Festival Victims Relief Fund, the El Paso Community Relief Fund, and the Dayton Foundation.

The song, “Looking For America” is about searching to find a place in this nation where you can feel safe from violence and feel free to pursue your dreams and desires without fear. Lana describes not being able to fully enjoy public places of innocent fun in this day and age and thinking twice before attending events because of the many violent gun attacks. In the song, Lana sings, “I’m still looking for my own version of America. One without a gun, where the flag can freely fly. No bombs in the sky, only fireworks when you and I collide. It’s just a dream I have in mind”.

Listen to Lana’s powerful single below: