Selena Gomez Teams up with WE Charity and Inspires Youth to Create Social Change

Photo: Scott Ramsay/WE

Selena Gomez has teamed up with WE Charity to help empower youth towards activism. WE Charity is dedicated to increasing activism, social work and awareness, engaging educators and youth through learning programs, decreasing poverty, and inspiring innovative ideas to better the world. And WE Charity also has an incredible event called WE Day.

WE Day is held in 15 cities around the world and features performers and world-famous speakers. Instead of selling tickets, WE Charity requires attendees to earn their way by partaking in one local and one global action through WE Schools, which are schools that participate in WE learning programs.

In an Instagram video posted by Selena, youth spoke into a camera about why their efforts of creating positive change in the world should earn them a ticket to WE Day. Unbeknownst to them, Selena was watching and listening to them behind a curtain and came out to surprise them after they were done talking. It was so adorable.

You can learn more about WE Charity HERE.