Kehlani’s Assistant Left Her the Most Precious Surprise in Her Suitcase


Kehlani has welcomed her first child this year. She had a beautiful baby girl named Adeya and we can not get enough of the adorable photos the proud mama posts on her Instagram. Kehlani might be a beautiful and amazing mom but she also is an extremely gifted and talented artist. Kehlani had to go out of town and was not able to bring her daughter with her so her assistant gave her the most precious surprise.

On Instagram, Kehlani posted a picture of a stuffed lamb with a note. The lamb turned out to be her daughters stuffed animal named Mr. Lamby and the note that was left was a picture of Adeya that said, “Dear mom, I snuck Mr. Lamb in your bag to be there for me! Hug him when you MISS ME! Love, Adeya. P.S. I left my sent on him just for you!”

Kehlani then wrote in the caption, “MY ASSISTANT IS SO WONDERFUL I CANT IM CRYING. i went out of town and she knew i would miss my daughter more than anything look what she did. i’m going to bawl. wow i love you so much.” This is one of the cutest surprises we have seen in a while. Seeing this makes us smile and fills out hearts. Thank you Kehlani for bringing us on this journey with you and sharing these precious moments with us.