Emily Ratajkowski Wrote an Essay for ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ About Gender and Sexuality


Emily Ratajkowski wrote a beautiful and inspiring essay for Harper’s Bazaar that will appear on stands in the September 2019 print edition and is on their website now. Emily wrote about how women can play with their sexuality and not feel bad about it. They have a choice to do what makes them feel good instead of doing what society tells them they should do.

When she was a freshman at UCLA she thought of herself as a feminist and took a gender studies class. She did not end up learning what she thought she was going to but instead she learned about how little she understood about gender. She wrote, “I was shocked by how little I understood about gender, and it made me start to examine my own identity as a woman.”

Emily was called “hyper femme” by one of her friends and it upset her but she did not understand why. It puzzled her and she could not stop thinking about why she took the word “femme” so negatively. Emily wrote, “I realized then that my feeling was in part because of those countless experiences—experiences in which men and women had told me that if I dressed a certain way I wouldn’t be taken seriously and could even be put in danger.”

Emily now turns her hyper feminity and being called sexy into a strength for her. If you want to know more about what Emily wrote check out Emily’s inspiring essay here. Be sure to check out the September 2019 issue that will be out on August 20 and see the article in the print edition of the magazine.