Celebrities Calling for Gun Control, and a Look at Recent History


The entire country is reeling from last week’s mass shootings, and the people want change.

When is enough, enough?

Many, many people have been begging for stricter gun control laws for months, if not years, now.

According to CBS News and the Gun Violence Archive, there have been more mass shootings in 2019 than there have been days, with August 5th landing the United States at 255 shootings while only being day number 217 of the calendar year.

In early 2017, Mr. Trump signed a bill revoking Obama-era legislation that required background checks for mentally ill people when purchasing guns.

But now Trump is blaming the past mass shootings on the mentally ill. It’s probably worth it to note that he has also spent the past two years making it much more difficult for people to get healthcare—this includes mental healthcare.

Many celebrities took to Twitter to express the need for gun control and their feelings regarding the recent shootings.

In February 2019, the House of Representatives passed legislation requiring universal background checks for gun purchases. This was considered to be the most meaningful gun legislation to have been passed since assault weapons were federally banned in 1994. But the Senate still refuses to vote on the legislation in order to pass it.

Trump has run almost 2,200 Facebook ads, since May 2018, using the word “invasion” when referring to Latinxs.

The overall atmosphere of the country doesn’t seem to feel the way it did a few years ago. Many people are begging Trump to take responsibility for the words he uses and how he is inspiring his followers to be violent.

Maybe it’s time for everyone to triple-check their voter registrations and make sure they can vote in the upcoming elections. Check your state’s voter information for when your statewide primary or caucus is. HERE is a useful website to find out when they are. Keep in mind that almost 20 million voters were purged from voter registration rolls recently and that you need to check the status of your registration. Only a few states allow people to register on the same day as voting.