Janel Parrish Talks About Love, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and More


The beautiful and talented Janel Parrish who is known for her role as Mona on Pretty Little Liars is unfiltered in her interview with Entertainment Tonight. During the interview, we get to hear what Janel went through to make it and follow her dreams, she talked about self-doubt and the proudest moments in her career so far. Throughout the video, she is also taking off her makeup to become “unfiltered” and show us who Janel Parish is.

Janel talked about her childhood and growing up in Hawaii. At the age of 14, her family packed up their lives and moved to Los Angeles, California so she can pursue her dreams and make it a reality. She talked about how it was hard for her to find jobs because she was diverse. It was hard to be cast in shows because she was not Asian enough to fit in but she was also not caucasian enough either. Her first big break was Bratz and she said that was perfect because they wanted someone like her. Someone who was diverse, who was mixed Asian.

Then Pretty Little Liars came and she got to play Mona, who was the villain in the series. Janel had some doubts when she was going to be revealed as A. She was scared to shoot the scene because she was worried people would think that she did not have it in her to play the villain and that she would have not done the part justice. She showed us that it’s okay to have doubts but not to let them hold us back because as we saw Janel did an amazing job on Pretty Little Liars and everything worked out.

Be sure to check out Janel’s interview here and learn about how she grew up, got into the industry, how she met her husband and more.