Camila Cabello Shares Her Thoughts on Music and How It Affects Her Life


Camila Cabello is an incredible artist and has a great relationship with her fans. This week Camila posted her stream of consciousness with us about her thoughts on music. Through her Twitter and Instagram Camila posted a picture of her notes that she had typed out about how music changes throughout your life. The song that you listened to as a pre-teen means something completely different to you know as a person in your early twenties.

Camila wrote, “The beautiful thing about music is that you love a song when you’re 13 years old, then you hear it again at 22 and the lyrics hit you in a way that feels like you’ve been punched in the stomach.” Even though it is the same song you used to love it is different now because you have experienced nine years of life and lessons between that time period.

She continued to write, “I can’t believe it’s possible for humans to literally store their humanity in a tangible thing, for other people to discover pieces of their humanity in.”

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This just shows how powerful music is to people and how why artists are so vulnerable when creating their music. Music makes people feel heard and know that they are not alone. It makes you feel like someone out there understands you and what you are going through and sometimes that is all that matters.

Camila ends her note by telling us how thankful she is for words, music, movies, and art and that they always bring her back to where she needs to be. We are thankful that she decided to share these amazing words with us and that she continues to light a fire in our souls with her music.