Beauty Boss Jackie Aina Collaborates with Anastasia Beverly Hills


This collaboration has easily become the HOTTEST collaboration of 2019, if not ever. 

Jackie Aina has become one of the hardest working beauty influencers in the industry. She’s become an advocate for people of color within the beauty industry through her many beauty brand partnerships and obviously through her YouTube channel where she vocalizes exactly what works (or doesn’t work) for skin tones of color.

This is no exception when it comes to Jackie’s latest project: an eyeshadow palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills. The announcement came in the form of an amazing promo video that was released on Jackie and ABH’s social media platforms. In this promo video, Jackie is serving looks on looks on looks. Her first look consists of a lime green Shego, Lil Kim “Crush On You” vibe and the second is an iconic leopard print fit; truthfully Jackie Aina can do no wrong.

The Jackie Aina Palette is equipt with 14 shadows designed to work with every skin tone. No ashy or invisible shadows over here, honey. The shades come in a range of bold colors and neutrals to also cater to every beauty look. Of course, the packaging is divine; it’s iridescent and matches perfectly with every color included in the palette as well.

The Jackie Aina Palette launches on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website on August 6th and will release to retail partners Ulta, Nordstrom, and Sephora on August 15th. This collaboration is major but honestly so is everything Miss Jackie does.