Have You Checked out Halle Berry’s Fitness Friday Routines?


For anyone looking to get super toned—like, Halle Berry toned— you should probably check out Halle Berry’s Instagram. After being diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 22, Halle decided to take fitness and nutrition seriously in a whole new way. She announced that she had weaned herself off of Insulin in 2007, too, so something must be working.

Halle’s rock-hard abs and amazing physique are actually the results of decades of dedication. So who better than to get some fitness advice from? Every Friday, Halle posts a new routine on Instagram.

Most recently, she joined #PHITTALKS with fitness guru Peter Lee Thomas to discuss motivation, combating and reducing anxiety and depression with nutrition, and how having a fitness partner can help you achieve your goals. Last week, Halle tackled how to strengthen and tone inner thighs.


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#FitnessFriday is in SESSION! Ladies, ladies, ladies. You’ve been talking, I’ve been listening and I FEEL you. Inner-thigh strength? A VIBE. Let me introduce you to my secret weapon… the Pilates ring. When I first started working out with the ring, I can honestly say I hated it, but once I saw how real the results it provided were, it immediately became my best friend. The resistance exercises that can be completed with this one piece of equipment are incredible! This baby is anywhere between $10-30 and let me tell you, it’ll put you to WORK. It’s super easy to travel with and can offer safe and challenging resistance training just about anywhere. Check stories for 4 exercises that will trim those inner thighs and let’s step into the RING. 📷 @grantlegan

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The bulk of the goods are in Halle’s Instagram Stories, so you should check those out for more inspiration.