Shay Mitchell Reveals Pregnancy Tip in Episode 2 of ‘Almost Ready’


The second episode of Shay Mitchell’s “Almost Ready” has been released and it brings us into the real life of a pregnant woman. In this episode, Shay has just wrapped her first season for the show she is working on, getting fitted for her baby bump and talking about the struggles of working while pregnant. Shay wants to live her life the same as she did before she was pregnant. She does not want everything to be about her pregnancy she wants to continue to work and do the same things just with a bigger pants size. At the beginning of the episode, we get to see Shay being styled by her stylist Monica but Shay spills a secret to how she is dealing with her pregnancy. Shay revealed that she is now wearing diapers because she has had to constantly pee because of the pregnancy. She said that she went to the bathroom at least 22 times in a half an hour one night.


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In the episode, Shay is eight months pregnant and she said that this is the hardest stage to dress during pregnancy. Shay said, “Monica kind of, like, to feel how I feel on the inside.” Being able to look good and feel good is extremely important. Shay continued to say, “Making a woman feel confident in this stage, I think, is super important because I am not in control of what’s going on now.”

Be sure to check out “Almost Ready” on Shay Mitchell’s YouTube channel to see how she is maneuvering through her pregnancy with her baby girl.