Check Out Erykah Badu’s Healing Crystal Nail Jewelry


Erykah Badu just showed off the coolest nail-do you’ve probably ever seen. She didn’t really reveal a “manicure,” but nail-cover rings. They’re seemingly designed to resemble fingernails and are made of stones.

“ok, Just the tip… ❤️(fire opal, black tourmaline, lapis, labradorite) custom made to fit @in2into nailed it,” she revealed.


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ok, Just the tip… ❤️(fire opal, black tourmaline , lapis, labradorite ) custom made to fit . @in2into nailed it.

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All of the stones Badu showed off have been said to have healing properties—though that wasn’t something she brought up. But it’s fun to think about. Humans have been studying the healing properties of stones for at least 6,000 years, so the idea is quite fascinating.

If you are interested in the healing properties of stones, fire opal is rumored to be associated with luck and passion; black tourmaline is rumored to cleanse energy; lapis supposedly increases confidence, and labradorite protects the aura.

Imagine if all of this is true—could jewelry like Badu’s put magic at your fingertips? At least, they’re definitely gorgeous enough to make a person feel magical.

And just a few days earlier, Badu was mentioning holistic healing. Maybe she’s on to something.