Debra Messing Speaks out for Women Everywhere


The actress is using her voice to raise awareness for the unfair tax on women’s products. 

On July 29, 2019, the Will and Grace star Debra Messing took to Twitter to express exactly how she feels about feminine products having sales tax and still being considered “nonessential goods”. In the past actress, Dasha Burns has also voiced her opinion on this matter.

Being female, we don’t exactly get the choice on whether we need this product or not. If we’re getting our menstrual this month, tampons and pads will, unfortunately, be a must on our shopping list, no matter the cost. The tax is definitely a huge problem and a matter of unequal gender rights. One Twitter responded to Messing and stated that “if men were the ones…to bleed every month…they would have the best reproductive health care money could buy” instead of the low quality of health care that women currently have available to them.

Thank you, Debra Messing, for using your platform and redirecting attention back to this issue.