35 Looks Good on Gina Rodriguez


Gina Rodriguez is thirty (five), flirty and thriving. The Jane the Virgin star gets better and better every year. She is like a fine wine and gets better with age. Gina posted an Instagram picture of her enjoying her birthday with a beautiful bundle of balloons. Many of her friends made sure to wish her a happy birthday, including Eva Longoria. Eva made an Instagram post to celebrate her friend on her birthday. She wrote a beautiful message to her friend wishing her a happy birthday, “So many fun times with you whether we were on set or fundraising for charity or being political activist or on a red carpet or just dancing in your living room, you are a gem my dear! The world is a better place because you are in it.”

Gina commented back and said, “Love you Eva. Love you sister so much.”

Gina posted an Instagram story of a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to her by Eva Longoria with a note saying, “Happy Birthday sister I love you!”

This week is big for the star. Gina turned 35 today and tomorrow the final episode of Jane the Virgin airs. This is the 100th episode and finale of the hilarious show. We got to grow up with Jane throughout the series and are not ready to say goodbye. Be sure to check out the two-hour finale of the telenovela that is Jane the Virgin and be sure to catch up if you have not already. You will not want to miss this final episode.