Duo Majid Jordan Releases Single ‘Caught Up’ with Khalid


The producer and singer duo Majid Jordan release a single and video featuring Khalid for their song called “Caught Up”.

The video has a funky cinematic plot and theme to it, telling of the artists’ night in a Canadian desert. The video starts with Majid and Jordan eating tacos and they get offered a small bottle of hot sauce called Good People, alluding to name they previously called themselves, by a charismatic old man. They then hop in their car and decide to take the bottle for later use despite having suspicions since it came from a random guy in the desert. While at a rodeo with friends, they get tacos again and decide to use the sauce, sending them on a psychedelic trip. Khalid calls them to pick him up and join the actual party, and they tell him of the things they saw after eating the sauce and the video leaves off with them looking at the sky as to continue their adventure.


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“Caught Up” captured on film. BTS from our video shoot with @thegr8khalid

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The song itself is definitely one that you can play while chilling at home or taking a long drive. It is the perfect song to vibe along to.

Check out the psychedelic video and song below.