Hayley Kiyoko Spreads Love and Encouragement to Fans on Twitter


Hayley Kiyoko uses her platform as a place to spread love and acceptance. She is apart of the LGBTQ community and shows that through her work. In her music videos, her love interests are always girls which gives the LGBTQ community the representation that it deserves in the media. Hayley will keep normalizing LGBTQ relationships in her songs and videos because it is normal and same-sex relationships should be celebrated.

Hayley tweeted, “I just want you all to know that I’m doing this for not only myself but for you. I want you to know that you can look however, love whomever, be whoever, & still become a mainstream pop star. Sometimes it gets really hard but I’m never going to stop.” She is telling her fans that it is okay to be who you are and still do what you love. Hayley is inspiring so many people through doing what she loves.

Hayley is reminding us of how important it is to follow our hearts. She is not only using her platform for herself she is using it for a whole community of people who do not feel represented in mainstream media. Hayley followed the first tweet with, “We will break barriers. And keep pushing and dreaming of the representation we need and want. It’ll never be easy but it’ll be worth it to make the world a better place. Keep showing up, keep pushing. Love you.”

It means so much that Hayley Kiyoko keeps using her voice to help achieve more LGBTQ representation and it only makes us love her so much more.