Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘The Archer’ Is Honest and Emotional


Taylor Swift’s new song “The Archer” is out now. This is the third song she has released from her new album Lover that is coming out on Aug. 23 but it is not a single; it is just a song she wanted to share with her fans before the release of the album. This song is different from “You Need To Come Down” and “ME!” and is slower-paced and more emotional. In Taylor’s live stream she talks about how she wanted to release track five, which is “The Archer,” before the release of the album and that track five is kind of a tradition started by her fans. She goes on to explain, “instinctively I was just putting a very vulnerable, personal, honest, emotional song as track five.”


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Once Taylor’s fans pointed this out she decided to stick with it and put her most honest, emotional and vulnerable song as track five on the album. “The Archer” was created by Taylor and Jack Antonoff, who also worked on other songs that are on her upcoming album. Taylor has been hinting at this song for a while now. In her “You Need To Calm Down” music video, Hayley Kiyoko shot an arrow into a bullseye with the number five in it to hint at this song. Taylor is extremely clever and always has something up her sleeve.

In preparation for Lover, you should go pre-order, pre-save or pre-add her album here. Be sure to listen to “The Archer” to hear a different side of the upcoming album which is more honest and emotional. Taylor also mentioned in her live stream that she has deluxe versions of her album that come with pages from her diary in it. She went through her diaries from when she was 13 years old to now and scanned pages to put into a little journal to share with her fans. This is extremely personal and will create a stronger connection between Taylor and us. We are excited to see what else Taylor has in store for us in this upcoming album that is out Aug 23.