Amber Olivier Has an Angelic Voice


The rising singer Amber Olivier has a light, sultry voice that flows beautifully over chill melodies.

She belongs to the label Lost Kids, which includes talent such as Brent Faiyaz, a partner to Lost Kids, and Sonder, whom she both has done background vocals for.


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thank you @brentfaiyaz 🕊

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Her music has a 90s R&B feel but with added reverb and minimalization to modernize the sound. She put out her self-titled EP, Amber Olivier, in 2018. She has amassed a following touring with Brent Faiyaz and with her hard to find ethereal, quality harmonies. Her songs have melodies that fold into each other and roll smoothly.

Check out the video she put out for her song “One Unread” below. She tells a story through pieces and flashbacks as she reminisces in a desert landscape, seeming to show a love she has lost through something tragic happening to him.