Christina Milian Is Starring in Netflix Romantic Comedy, ‘Falling Inn Love’


Netflix is back at it again with the cheesy romantic comedies and the beautiful Christina Milian just so happens to star in this one.

New Jersey actress and singer, Christina Milian has scored a lead role in the Netflix romantic comedy, Falling Inn Love and she is working alongside Australian actor, Adam Demos. This romance film follows the life of city girl Gabriela (Christina Milian) who voluntarily decides to enter a “Win An Inn” contest, which refers to renovating and refurbishing a battered Bellbird Valley Farm, immediately after a breakup.

Gabriela wins the contest and has to leave her home in San Franciso to travel to the Bellbird Valley Farm in New Zealand. She teams up with an attractive contractor (Adam Demos) in order to fix the inn. She soon becomes grateful and realizes how special the local community is. She also finds a true partnership and love, of course. This Netflix film will begin streaming on August 29, 2019 and you will definitely want to end your summer on a good note with this feel-good romantic comedy.