Brent Faiyaz Puts Out New Single ‘Summer in London’

Photo by Mark Peaced

Brent Faiyaz has just released a new single entitled ‘Summer in London’

Singer and producer, Brent Faiyaz hasn’t put out new music for a while, but on July 19th he released a single to hold fans over called ‘Summer in London’The single has a slightly distorted hook that exclaims confidence. A chill, humming melody backs the lyrics talking about relationships and a mention of visiting London. He talks of trust issues in relationships and expresses weariness of new acquaintances trying to use him for personal gain and that he keeps strangers at a distance. The second half of the song slightly slows down and deconstructs to a barer baseline pushing his voice to the forefront. His most recent release, the EP Lost, came out in 2018 and features fan-favorite song ‘Trust’ along with other mellow songs for chill, contemplative moods.

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Fuck The World (Summer in London) out now.

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Check out his newest single below a well as his other works.