Hayley Kiyoko’s Music Video for ‘I Wish’ Is out Now


Hayley Kiyoko just released her single “I Wish” with a new music video go with it. Hayley took on the role of director for her latest music video. The music video stars Maia Mitchell, Madison Pettis, Ana Osorio and Tamika Miller, who are all helping their friend Hayley through a heartbreak.


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‘I WISH’ is OUT NOW!!!🤞link in bio

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At the beginning of the music video, a girl runs up steps and meets the other girls in a room. The girls are sitting in a circle about to do a magic spell to help Hayley forget about a girl. Hayley takes the magic potion and scares the other girls when she starts spazzing out as a joke and then starts laughing to let them know she okay. The girls then go on to chant, “Wash away bliss, forget her kiss,” and “She’ll never miss, grant this wish.” The girls chant these words as Hayley drinks the potion and then faints, only to wakes up in a different dimension.

According to Billboard, Hayley released a statement with the track that said, “In this video, I wanted to bring to life the support group we all need when our love for someone isn’t being reciprocated. Having a strong support system of friends is so important to remind us we are loved and we are not alone.” We love the message behind this video and encourage you all to go check it out. Be sure to be there for your friends when they need you and surround yourself with people who will do the same for you.