Bella Hadid Goes Blonde and We Swear She Might Be Gigi


Bella Hadid made us take a double look to confirm that she wasn’t her sister, Gigi, in her Instagram story.

Bella Hadid just said “bye-bye” to being brunette as she changed up her look by going none other than blonde. Normally known for her brunette locks, to see Bella blonde is a complete game-changer. If she and Gigi didn’t already look super alike before, they sure do now. Besides twinning with her sister, what a more perfect choice of color to go for now that summer is in the corner, right? Well, whatever reason may be behind her new blonde locks, all that matters is that she looks super gorgeous with the new style and we are here for it.

Her new hair was first revealed to us through her Instagram story as she cuddles up next to an adorable horse that most likely digs the new look as much as we do. We had to really look closely to make sure she wasn’t actually Gigi.

Bella Hadid/Instagram

For someone who likes to change up her look and hair color, the blonde suits her quite well. In the past, we have seen her rock a variety of colors whether that be of a natural tone or more on the creative and different side.


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swipe to see me and @traceeellisross the entire night😂 #samebunch

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To see her with this new blonde hair color is so flattering, we are almost so jealous and think she looks absolutely stunning. As if she wasn’t stunning before. She’s a supermodel after all.

What color do we think Bella will surprise the world with next? Or, has she fallen in love with her new look so much it just might be a permanent choice moving forward? The world waits.