Natalie Portman Doesn’t Want You to Forget History


Natalie Portman recently reminisced about visiting the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands’ Amsterdam when she was a teenager and brought up some pertinent comparisons. Now a museum, the house was one of the historical locations where the Jewish wartime journalist Anne Frank hid. Anne Frank was between the ages of thirteen and fifteen when she went into hiding until she and her family were found by the Nazis and brought to the concentration camps.

Natalie Portman said, “Today, I shudder at the thought of a young girl hiding somewhere in my own country, afraid to turn on her light or make a noise or play outside lest she get rounded up by our government. #notinmyname and #notinmycountry.” She then listed five Instagram accounts where people can follow and donate to organizations that are currently dedicated to reinstating human rights and ending the cycle of abuse and fear that so many people are currently facing.


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Portman has long been an activist for equal rights. Perhaps best known for her dedication to educating people on how veganism can help end animal rights abuses, she has also focused much of her energy on feminist issues, racial justice issues, and trying to end civil and human rights violations. We love that she is continuing to use her voice to help others.