Madison Beer’s Latest Single ‘Dear Society’ Reveals the Negative Effects of Social Media

Leading up to her debut album, pop artist, Madison Beer, releases a new leading single that has a powerful message.

It is quite evident that Madison Beer has been putting her heart and soul into her upcoming album. New music appeared to be on the horizon when she dropped her radio hit “Hurts Like Hell” with Offset at the end of 2018. Now, she’s back with her a new song titled, “Dear Society”that raises awareness about how social media can be harmful and affect people’s personal perception of themselves. Madison played a major part in writing this track and made it so relatable that it causes listeners to really think about their daily intake of internet and social media. Lyrics from the song state, “Dear society, you’ve pushed me to the edge. So here’s some clarity. The truth is, you’re the one who’s always there for me with my daily dose of internet and all the things that I should quit, but can’t”. Madison took to Twitter and expressed how happy she was that “Dear Society” is finally out for the whole world to hear.

Madison Beer has shared in recent interviews that her new album will be “honest and vulnerable”. We have no doubts that the album will allow listeners to put many things into perspective. There are positive and negative ways that the internet and social media can affect a person, but it is our choice to become self-aware and notice when social networking starts to become harmful.

Listen to Beer’s single below.