Dolly Parton Fans Would Love Netflix’s ‘Dumplin’


Netflix’s Dumplin’ has glitter and color while taking you along Willowdean’s journey to gain self-confidence and quell her self-doubt. 

Willowdean, who her former beauty queen mother calls Dumplin’, has an outspoken personality. Her recently deceased aunt Lucy raised her while her mother worked, and taught her words of wisdom and to have confidence in herself and her body. They also loved Dolly Parton and would often have Dolly parties to spend the day in celebration of her. To honor Lucy’s memory, she enrolls in the Miss Teen Blue Bonnet pageant that her mother runs to prove that bigger girls can showcase their beauty alongside more socially accepted smaller contestants.


Through this form of protest, she tests her friendships and the ideals she has about herself and confronts the limitations she set for herself. Eventually, this leads to her accepting her faults and recognizing her talents and facing them head-on.

Make sure to add the fun film to your watchlist.