Shawn Mendes Has Partnered with Flow Alkaline Water to Help Create Change

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Shawn Mendes has partnered with Flow Alkaline Water to help decrease the use of plastic. Flow Alkaline Water is not packaged in plastic bottles with plastic lids but is instead packaged in a paper pack and has a plant-based cap. According to the website, “Our package is mostly made of sustainably sourced fibers with a plant-based cap. Flow packs are made from 100% recyclable and +68% renewable materials.”


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I’ve always been in love with the beauty of the planet we live on, and the notion that in the best and most untampered parts of nature, everything seems to work so well together in harmony. It’s been a mission of mine to do everything that I can to help preserve that beauty for a while now, which is why I’m so happy to have found some amazing partners @Flow, and have joined the company with my manager @andrewgertler & founder @nicholasreichenbach, to inspire positive change in the world, in a hope that we, together, as much as humanly possible, can keep the planet the way we found it, for our generation, and for generations to come. As a partner in @Flow, I will be working on sustainability initiatives including the greening of my 2019 tour with @Reverb_org. You can learn more about what we’re doing and how you can get involved at

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Shawn has always found the beauty that this planet has to offer he shared with us through an Instagram post. Shawn also tweeted, “I’ve joined as a partner in @FlowHydration in a hope that we can help keep the planet the way we found it, for our generation, and for generations to come.” It is important for us to be more aware of the products we are purchasing. We have to think about if it is good for us personally but also if it is good for the environment. Our planet is our home and we need to help clean it up. Your purchase makes a difference. We love that Shawn is using his voice for good.