‘The Real World: Atlanta’ Is Realer Than Ever

Facebook Watch

For any of you who enjoy watching what happens when random strangers are placed in situations together and filmed nonstop for the enjoyment of more random strangers to watch the drama that ensues—you may be in for a treat. The show’s 33rd season, which was moved from MTV to Facebook Watch, premiered last month with ‘The Real World: Atlanta’ and has been proving to be super relatable for a variety of reasons. To start, the cast this season includes a DREAMer who is also a teen mother, two queer people (one is a black Trump supporter), a black activist, a Catholic virgin, and a social worker with a traumatic past.

It doesn’t take too much imagination to conclude that there has and will be drama—real, relatable drama. In today’s sociopolitical atmosphere, anyone who’s spent any amount of time online can most likely vouch for the increasing lack of understanding that conversations have seemed to provide. If anything, this season of The Real World: Atlanta might end up inspiring people to start getting along with people who are different than them.

This season is being aired on Facebook Watch, with shorter clips being teased Mondays through Wednesdays and full episodes at 9 p.m. Eastern on Thursdays.