Noname’s Music Will Touch Your Soul


Fatimah Nyeema Warner, known as Noname, has a poetic delivery of her lyrics accompanied by chill melodies.

Along with writing poetry and rapping, she also produces music. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois and began performing slam poetry in 2010 in her Bronzeville neighborhood. A creative writing class in high school sparked her interest in poetry and led her to seek out slam poetry. She turned her poetry into free-style rapping and went on to collaborate with many local artists including Chance the Rapper. She gained an upsurge in recognition when Chance the Rapper featured her on his song Lost from his popular album Acid Rap. Noname put out her first mixtape titled Telefone in 2016 to critical acclaim. She spent three years producing the album and talks about the pains of black women. She centered it around important telephone conversations she has had over the years. Her spoken word history comes through in her delivery and cadences.


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ROOM 25 TOUR : part one

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Room 25 came out in 2018 and she financed the album herself. She describes it as a more mature version of Telefone having experienced more life. The album with infusions of jazz, neo-soul, and poetry also received acclaim. Make sure to give her soul-touching music a listen.