The Cameron Boyce Foundation Will Keep the Late Actors Legacy Alive


Cameron Boyce was an extremely talented young man and at 20 years old made an impression on many lives, whether it be friends and family or the fans who loved him. The late actor will be remembered as someone with tremendous talent, someone with a kind heart, with a beautiful soul and someone who would make any room he walked in a little brighter because he was there.

Cameron’s father, Victor Boyce, tweeted, “Let’s not talk about it, let’s BE about it! Let’s do good as Cameron would. Let’s keep his legacy alive!”

The Cameron Boyce Foundation is meant to keep Cameron’s legacy alive and help young people find artistic and creative alternatives to violence and negativity. The Cameron Boyce Foundation website explains, “The Cameron Boyce Foundation provides young people artistic and creative outlets as alternatives to violence and negativity and uses resources and philanthropy for positive change in the world. The Foundation was established in 2019 to honor Cameron’s legacy.”

If you would like to donate to help keep Cameron’s legacy alive click here. We all have the chance to make a difference in this world so be sure to spread love and positivity where ever you go.

“We all go… what you leave should be bigger than you.” – Cameron Boyce, 2018